Cadance Bell is an Aussie transgender writer and filmmaker. Her documentary film The Rainbow Passage, a co-production with Screen Australia, airs next year on Channel Ten. The film, which Cady also directed, follows her and her wiggly bottomed fiance Amanda across a year in their gender transitions. Cady loves Pokemon Go, short walks to the fridge and the swell challenges of girlifying. Except not having pockets anymore. She really misses pockets.

I’ll miss pockets (day one)

I’ll miss pockets (day one)

A better way of existing begins with this tiny girl sticker. It’s like a scratch ‘n sniff sticker, except its scratch ‘n boobs instead.

The sticker is actually a transdermal patch. Specifically, an Estradot 100mg, which will slowly release estrogen into my bloodstream for three and a half days before the patch is changed. The girl sticker is paired with 50mg daily of Cyproterone, an anti-androgen, which nukes my testosterone. Together, they make magic with my body, shifting it to a state of Puberty 2: Electric Boogaloo – with all the good, the bad and the awkward that entails.

Not since I was a child winning praise from a teacher have I been so enthralled by a sticker. This ‘lil clear thing is better than any holographic, any neon, any die-cut or scratch ‘n sniff or embossed or any other sticker I’ve stuck.

This is day one.

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