Cadance Bell is an Aussie transgender writer and filmmaker. Her documentary film The Rainbow Passage, a co-production with Screen Australia, airs next year on Channel Ten. The film, which Cady also directed, follows her and her wiggly bottomed fiance Amanda across a year in their gender transitions. Cady loves Pokemon Go, short walks to the fridge and the swell challenges of girlifying. Except not having pockets anymore. She really misses pockets.

Mongrel (short film, 2008)

Mongrel (short film, 2008)

Mongrel is a short film I made after a terrible event utterly changed the course of my life and lowered me into a decade of depression and darkness. To cope, I began taking drugs for the first time and drinking a lot.

I felt at the time that doing so would help “kill” the girl in me.

That fat lump of a dude was me, circa 2008. He’s the only thing that’s dead these days. I’ve lost nearly half my body weight from those days and am happy in a way I didn’t realize was possible.

After years of hiding it in shame, this film was finally released to celebrate International Day of Transgender Visibility, 2018.

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