Cadance Bell is an Aussie transgender writer and filmmaker. Her documentary film The Rainbow Passage, a co-production with Screen Australia, airs next year on Channel Ten. The film, which Cady also directed, follows her and her wiggly bottomed fiance Amanda across a year in their gender transitions. Cady loves Pokemon Go, short walks to the fridge and the swell challenges of girlifying. Except not having pockets anymore. She really misses pockets.

Coming Soon: The Rainbow Passage

Coming Soon: The Rainbow Passage

I have some very exciting news.

I can finally announce that Amanda, our friend Hannah and I will be starring in The Rainbow Passage, which I’m also directing. This is by far my biggest film production to date, with a budget of almost $100,000, to air in Australia next year on Channel Ten.

The film is backed by Ten & Screen Australia, and I’m so happy to be working with our producer Jain Moralee and co-director and post producer Kelli Jean Drinkwater.

My entire film career I’ve dreamed of making a production with Screen Australia. I’ve long watched that iconic logo and its variations preceding Aussie films and wished to see it appear before one of my own. I’m so excited to finally be doing just that.

I’ll be sharing behind the scenes content, and I have some other neato surprises in store in the coming months, so most def watch this space.

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