Cadance Bell is an Aussie transgender writer and filmmaker. Her documentary film The Rainbow Passage, a co-production with Screen Australia, airs next year on Channel Ten. The film, which Cady also directed, follows her and her wiggly bottomed fiance Amanda across a year in their gender transitions. Cady loves Pokemon Go, short walks to the fridge and the swell challenges of girlifying. Except not having pockets anymore. She really misses pockets.

Hannah Mouncey, trans hero

Hannah Mouncey, trans hero

This superb article from Hannah Mouncey erupted my brainspace.

Hannah has been a hero of mine for some time. The resilience and tenacity she has shown through her lobbying with the AFL is nothing short of game-changing. While she wasn’t initially successful, hers were the first waves to break on new shores; shores which will in time be discovered, and colonized with love, thanks to her pioneering spirit.

When I read her article, I bawled. Totally lost my shit. It was absolutely delightful. Australia is a better nation for having Hannah in it.

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